First GECD WebSite

GEC Dahod was my first appointment. I felt as if this place was waiting for me. There was a lot  of work to be done. A lot of things to be organized, managed and yet to be developed.

The Computer Engineering Department had no regular faculty here. Along with my appointment in 2011, other faculties from GEC Gandhinagar were transferred to make our strength 4. Also, the first batch of Computer Engineering (2009) was in 2nd year.

After my long leaves for completing my M.Tech degree, i finally got regular at college and started taking problems on hand. Being a computer engineer the first thing i noticed was, there was no regular “web-site” for our institute. The only that existed on paper was some site made by few good students. But that link was not working and domain had expired. My first task (personally, not officially assigned by order) was to get this web-site developed. I pushed this idea to the then principal in charge Ms. P M Baria. We immediately purchase the web-space with control panel and site development started on July-5-2012 with free domain name Which is not the current domain.

The current domain name was regsitered later through ERNET after Prof. J V Dave was appointed at GEC Dahod and full fledged development of web-site started.

I was so poor in web-skills (thanks to my research in Privacy Preserving Data Mining and Security) that i didn’t even know to use php and mysql. The learning was going to take some time, i had no choice. I was not ready to learn wordpress or drupal. That wud had been much easier. But decided to go with simple one.

So the plain old tables and few colors and images made first official web-site for Government Engineering College, Dahod.

What about student contributions? 

I did ask, but the computer batch was in pre-final year. And i found not a single student confident to help me out with basic website building. I was also in hurry to launch the first official website for my institute, so didn’t bother about any help.

Later in final year of first batch, i assigned GECD IMS as project to Urmisha Pothiwala and Ankush Sharma.The IMS was but going to develop in future as separate big live project for GEC Dahod.

The live GECD IMS never contained even a single line of code developed by Urmisha, although she did develop a very good application after determined and genuine hard work, it was unusable as none of the pages or flow of data reflected real needs from college. In fact, it was developed only on her sole assumption of any generalized college Information Management System.  Her efforts were appreciated by examiners too and she did bag a AA in here finals.

The development started after a raw login page was set up to forward a faculty profile page. This was the corner stone of whole application to be developed.